The e-banking system for retail customers, Internet Bank, accessible at, is the principal online channel for the customers of Bank Saint Petersburg, offering increasingly better services and solutions at more favorable prices. The number of individuals who have signed up for showed a growth of 18% in 2018: from 960 000 to 1 130 000. One third of the city’s economically active population has access to, and every eighth customer of the Bank uses the mobile banking application: The number of active users exceeded 300 000 per month. The share of users of the mobile banking application grew by 35% and reached 3/4 of the total number of Internet Bank users. Internet Bank for individuals entered the Top 3 of the best Internet Banks in Russia according to the UsabilityLab research.

The most notable innovations for individual customers introduced in 2018:

  • BSPB Mobile online applications for consumer loans, credit cards, car loans and mortgage as well as for preparation of documents for refinancing of loan received in another bank;
  • Opening of current accounts and exchange operations in 11 new currencies for Internet Bank and BSPB Mobile users, including such currencies as GBP, CHF, JPY, and CNY;
  • Setting the payment form to more than 4 500 vendors. BSPB customers received access to almost all housing and utilities sector institutions in regions where the Bank operates (98%) as well as to suppliers of communications and IT services and large higher education institutes in St. Petersburg;
  • Implementation of push-notifications in all versions of Internet Bank;
  • Introduction of sign-in to Internet Bank without message-based authentication maintaining the level of security;
  • Refactoring of the Payments and Transfers section and introduction of Selected Payments;
  • Implementation of push-notifications in BSPB Mobile.

The number of corporate users of Internet Bank i2B amounted to 44 500 in 2018. Nowadays, 99% of payments and FX transactions are made online.

In 2018, the Bank in junction with its strategic partner VBC LLC launched new online service, which allows for corporates to acquire a guarantee within a single working day.

New functions were added to the Traffic Light counterparty due diligence service in Internet Bank i2B. Now customers can create and upload expanded counterparty due diligence reports. It contains information on bankruptcy, enforcement proceedings, entrance into the tax debtor register, review of financial statements showing revenue, profit, equity, total net assets and loan liabilities, which allows to minimize risk of money transferring to corporate customers’ counteragents in bad faith. The service is based on counterparty due the diligence platform Kontur.Focus by the IT company SKB Kontur.

Starting from September 2018, the Bank’s customers may open bidder accounts according to 44-FZ in Internet Bank i2B without physically visiting the Bank’s office.

A separate line of deposits for sole entrepreneurs was introduced in April 2018. Sole entrepreneurs place deposits in Internet Bank i2B at rates different from those for entities. Separate line of deposits allows for a flexible approach to deposit pricing for entities at the same time maintaining necessary product margin.

Merchant and e-commerce acquiring agreements now can be executed online via Internet Bank. Customers just need to fill in the form (it will take about 5 minutes) and in convenient time they will have terminals delivered to their sale point and the web-site customized.

A new service for corporate customers was introduced — a self-collection card with the option of online funds crediting. It is a local card with the function of depositing cash in the RF currency to credit them online to a settlement account opened with the Bank using the program and technical instruments (ATMs with cash-in function and payment kiosks).

In 2018, the Bank launched Online Account, a new service for corporate customers. The service allows the Bank’s customers to apply online for reservation of an account in RUB and in foreign currencies (including special bidder accounts) and track its status online. Moreover, Online Account and the Bank’s web-site now feature Market Place of non-banking products and services, where customers can purchase useful business services online and at a discount. At the moment, they may access the following services of the Bank’s partners: accounting, sending of financial statements, communications and IT, printed communications, postal mailing, recruitment and electronic document management.

In August 2018, the Bank launched the 1C: DirectBSPb technology, allowing corporate customers to interact with the Bank directly from their ERP system 1С:Enterprise. The system allows customers to send RUB payment documents to the Bank, track document status and receive account statements.

Starting from June 2018, corporate customers are able to update identification details through Internet Bank i2B. This service is available for the following customers: resident legal entities and sole entrepreneurs (excluding branches/representative offices/separate subdivisions and individuals engaged in private practice), who have an effective i2B agreement with the Working status at the moment of comparison of data with open sources.

Bank Saint Petersburg took out several patents on its own digital solutions. One of such patented solutions is WikiPay, which allows to substantially reduce time for preparation of payments. The WikiPay service base is based on details of previous successful payments submitted to an institution by other users of Internet Bank i2B. Since its launch, the program has been highly rated by users and market professionals alike. WikiPay has been distinguished as the best innovation project by the Time of Innovations award, as the best retail finance product by RETAIL FINANCE AWARDS and initiative of the year by Customer eXperience Awards Russia.

Bank Saint Petersburg has been the winner of Time of Innovations scoring two awards: Product of the Year — Financial Services, and Technological Innovation of the Year — Finance and Consulting. The Travel card that was launched with support of Dawn with the TRAVEL Card by Bank Saint Petersburg has become product of the year in the financial services sector.

According to the review conducted by USABILITYLAB experts, BSPB Internet Bank ranked third among similar banking products for individuals.

In 2018, the Bank’s web-site was redesigned: product pages were remodeled to increase convenience and sales. This measure helped to lower the bounce rate at the Bank’s web-site.


In December 2018, developing cooperation with the Chinese UPI payment system, the Bank started issuance of contactless UPI cards and completed certification in the UPI payment system so that contactless equipment of the Bank accepts UPI cards.

Being a MIR sponsor bank, Bank Saint Petersburg issued MIR cards and executed transactions with them for the partner bank Energomashbank.

The Bank expanded card accepting capacity of its equipment:

  • The number of turnstiles accepting bank cards in St. Petersburg Metro State Unitary Enterprise has doubled. Token selling machines have been equipped with units accepting bank cards for payment;
  • The Bank has also implemented a pilot project introducing contactless MasterCard transactions in the Bank’s ATMs.

The Bank has introduced new card products:

  • For entities: in early 2018, the Bank became the first in Russia to issue business cards for premium segment customers Visa Business Platinum with Lounge Key service providing access to waiting lounges at airports all over the world;
  • For individuals: in April 2018, the Bank launched MasterCard Travel cards of two categories with refunds in air miles and Lounge Key access to waiting lounges at airports all over the world for premium cardholders.


Innovative methods of workflow management were tested for the purpose of increasing efficiency of IT support for business operations in 2018. In order to develop a number of key information systems, cross-functional teams have been formed including representatives of business, development, testing and support departments working under the update conveyor principle. This substantially sped up the introduction of updates to products and decreased the number of errors.

One of the most important measures in 2018 was a successful introduction of industry-specific standard of customer analytics — SAS Marketing Automation, SAS Visual Statistics and SAS Visual Analytics instruments. New software will provide for enhanced analysis of customer experience as well as for quality management of the retail loan portfolio with the help of targeted marketing communications. Nowadays, data marts that SAS addresses consist of over 1 500 unique attributes of customers details updated daily.

The Bank has completed an upgrade of its front end system based on MS CRM Dynamics, which allowed to increase its functionality and improve the user interface for individual customers.

In 2018, the Bank continued automation of loan conveyor on the MooS platform. A number of new processes were automated, including:

  • Interaction with electronic public procurement platforms;
  • Interaction with AISI within implementation of 214-FZ, which allows to control intended use of investors’ funds on accounts.

In the reporting year, cross-functional teams introduced a technological solution for the Autopayments and Subscriptions (Invoicing) service based on the TranzAxis platform (Compass+). Customers may use this service to subscribe for outstanding invoices of service providers and conform payment of invoices or set an autopayment.

In early 2018, transition to the new highly efficient IDM-platform was completed. The project was initiated with the purpose of enhancing identity management efficiency and due to increasing of volume of information processed by the Bank. This solution made automated identity management 8 to 10 times faster.

The Bank has introduced functions to work with Single Biometric System to comply with requirements of the relevant regulator.

The Bank has shifted to a new telephone platform Cisco Finesse, which allowed to introduce a sales mechanism via call center. This increased efficiency of the call center personnel when providing services to customers.

With the aim of boosting the immunity of the Bank’s IT infrastructure against possible natural and man-made disasters, the Bank once again conducted an annual emergency drill during which its information systems migrated between the main and backup data processing centers. The drill showed that the infrastructure and employees are well-prepared to ensure continuity of business operations.


The most relevant task in this area is the effective countermeasures against cutting-edge cyberattacks, with their rising force and complexity as well as the emergence of new malicious formations.

In 2018, the Bank modernized the ID data management and access rights systems; the defense system against targeted attacks was continually developed. Other than that, the measures were realized as part of Informational Security Strategy; a Cyberincidents Monitoring and Reaction Center was organized.

Further collaboration with leading Russian and international entities allows the Bank to promptly identify and react to emerging cyberthreats.

The audit of compliance with the new CBR’s cybersecurity standard was conducted jointly with a leading Russian company’s cybersecurity specialists. The audit’s results confirmed compliance to the standard GOST R 57580.1-2017. This and other audits time and time again confirm the high level of the Bank’s cybersecurity.