Bank Saint Petersburg sees its team as the main drive for the 2018–2020 Strategy. The Bank builds mutually beneficial relations with its personnel, motivating each employee to archive strategic goals and rewards them based on fair estimation.

Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest employers in the region with 3 860 employees as of the end of 2018: 33% employees work in branches, 67% — in the Bank’s Headquarters.

Staff Composition by Business Line,
January 1, 2019
Staff Composition by Age,
January 1, 2019


The Bank uses new digital technologies to attract the best professionals from the labor market. In 2018, the Bank employed a total of 558 specialists.

Digital solutions not only helped the Bank’s HRs to increase recruiting effectiveness in 2018 (the use of a bot attracted 20% more candidates), but also to be highly estimated by professional market experts. Bank Saint Petersburg received the Digital Innovator award from the HeadHunter company for the Virtual Recruiter service, a unique chat-bot that selected resumes according to the set parameters with the help of AI and found relevant candidates through communication in popular messengers.

The Future Banker program aimed at selecting and training young specialists and graduates from leading St. Petersburg universities has been running for 8 years in a row. Seventy-four out of ninety-one students under the program got job offers from the Bank in 2018.


In order to implement its strategy, the Bank invests in professional development of its team with most successful and effective employees getting promoted.

The Bank introduces flexible systems of project management: Cross-functional teams have become one of priority instruments for horizontal cooperation in 2018. Cross-functional teams’ members have received comprehensive training providing them with new competencies necessary to solve business tasks and achieve a synergy effect.

The Bank’s development strategy entails gradual shift to digital technologies including in education. In 2018, the share of distance learning increased nearly twofold. A total of 392 external and 837 internal trainings with 3 137 participants (81.3%) took place in 2018. Efficiency of the development projects is achieved due to the variety of training methods, as well as systematic knowledge testing.

The annual Information Security Week that was held in the Bank for the third time included training courses, business simulations, contests and quizzes, as well as lectures for employees from leaders of the finance and technology sector. Events dedicated to the World Quality Day such as off-site team building, trainings, seminars have once again united employees from the branches and the Bank’s Headquarters in a team sharing same values and a strive for high quality services.

More than 120 educational events on banking products and sales skills were held for employees of the branches in 2018 attracting 97% of the front office. In addition to mandatory training programs, such employees can take advantage of problem-oriented courses for the functional groups of mentors and moderators, as well as the talent development program for future managers and professionals with great potential. Genesis project successfully carried out for front-line employees of the retail business has also become an effective instrument to increase employees’ productivity.

The year 2018 also saw development of the project aimed at training of managers with great potential. More than 110 managers have succeeded 4 stages of the program targeted to develop management skills needed to bring about changes in 2019.